At this workshop we will explore the basics of blacksmith work including setting up a basic outdoor forge and fashioning basic metal items.


Our trainer is Robb Martin of Thak Ironworks in Elora. Robb began his career in blacksmithing in 1987 and began in 1989 what is now called Thak Ironworks Inc. With an interest in blacksmithing, medieval armour and sculpture, Robb (or Thak as he is sometimes known) combined these three disciplines into his business early on. These influences have developed into a very distinctive style of metalwork. Sometimes traditional, sometimes contemporary, and sometimes futuristic and fantastical or a combination of all the above. Thak creates high quality forgework which blurs the line between utility and art. “Functional Sculpture”. Robb enjoys designing and creating a wide array of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces for clients worldwide.

The Mount Wolfe Farm Forge:

"The Other Wayland Smithy"

We are extremely lucky to have our own Forge at Mount Wolfe Farm. We were able to purchase a drum break forge, anvil and leg vise thanks to an SSHRC Grant for the University of Waterloo's HOL Project "Train the Trainer" programme. The Forge sits behind the Drive Shed between a line of black walnut trees and the pines of the Witches Forest. We built a rough shelter made from cedar grown on the farm. The forge can be booked for private use by arrangement.