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Spoon Moot 2022 T-shirts

Spoon Moot 2022 T-shirts


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SpoonMoot T-shirts!

This wonderful T-shirt has been designed by Phillipe at @OurNuminousNature especilally for Spoon Moot, and printed by

Currently Unavailable  Please email for details of a second print run. 

Use the link to order t-shirts. You can order multiples of the same size but 'Add To Cart' isn't working so if  you want t-shirts of different sizes you have to pay separately for each, sorry. Alternatively email  your order through.


A Very Short History

In October 2019 ORSN and Mount Wolfe Spoon Club hosted the 1st Ontario Spoon Moot (see below). Twenty-five carvers new and old bought slojd and hook knife, carving axe and spoon mule to Mount Wolfe Farm in Caledon in Southern Ontario, and a good time was had by all! As far as we are aware this was the first official large gathering of Spoon Carvers in the province, following in the woodchips of the UK's Spoonfest, Minnesota's Spoon Gathering and Australia's SpoonJam. 

Things weren't looking so good in 2020 because of COVID but we wanted to keep the fire alive, so a few brave souls practiced a very safe and soically distanced Moot on October 34th 2020. Due to technical difficulties our first SpoonZoot didn't go ahead. In 2021 we came roaring back with close on thirty guests with, and a beginner workshop. 

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