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Discounts available for members of CSA at workshops held at Mount Wolfe Farm

All workshops are held at Mount Wolfe Farm unless otherwise stated

Sharpening & Improver Spoon Carving

Sharp tools are essential for carving, but its often one of the skills beginners find it hardest to get right. In this workshop you will learn why we want very sharp tools, what sharpening is, what we are aiming for (edge geometry), sharpening options and technique.

In the afternoon, we will work on improving your carving. You may want to send us details of any problems you are having we can explore together in this session.

This workshop is aimed at those who have taken the beginners workshop or who already have their own carving practice.

Your teacher will be Fuzz (Instagram @fuzzandmaz) with support from HedgieJim. Fuzz is an accomplished spooncarver and he led our last Introduction to Spooncarving Workshop in November 2021.

Workshop Dates:

Sat 15th Jan 2022 Workshop
10am-4pm POSTPONED

Location: The White Birch Centre, 17090 Regional Road 50, Palgrave, ON, L7E 0L2
Cost per person $60.00

Sweet Grass Basket Weaving

Join Barbara Guy Long for a day of traditional basket making.

"I have an artistic sensibility tied to nature, and love working with my hands. I am a multi-media artist, and my first love is working with natural materials.In thirty years I have worked with willow and cedar, building structures in the landscape. The Mi’kmaq introduced me to basket making methods out of Ash and to Sweetgrass as a material for ceremony.I took a small workshop in the coil method of basket making and it has become my current passion.The tradition of sweet grass basket making is largely a lost art; I have been working with sweetgrass for a few years and find that the smell and feel of it in my hands is wonderful."


Workshop Dates:

Sat 22 Jan 2022  POSTPONED

Location: The White Birch Centre, 17090 Regional Road 50, Palgrave, ON, L7E 0L2
Cost per person $75.00

Introduction to Blacksmithing

At this workshop we will explore the basics of blacksmith work including setting up a basic outdoor forge and fashioning basic metal items.


Our trainer will be local Blacksmith Steve Cornelson of Bad Llama Forge (@BadLlamaForge)

Steve has been forging since his high school days. Having sought to compete in SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) armoured combat he found himself scrounging any information he could for processes and methods for armouring. In the time of a bare bones / pre YouTube internet.

He quickly found that making and repairing armour held far more satisfaction to him than using it.


To further his shops capabilities he sought methods to expand his tool set, rather than spend his meager teenagers earnings on very expensive niche tooling; Steve adopted the "need a tool, make a tool" philosophy, which inevitably led him down the ever more satisfying path of blacksmithing.


Steve took an 11 year hiatus to travel and teach English to medical students in China.


Now, having returned in 2017: Steve continues to produce tooling but also produces axes and knives. He also has a line of hand forged smoking pipes.

20211002_141059 (3).jpg
Cost per person $90
Workshop Dates 2021:

Saturday November 20th November


2022 Dates coming soon


Previous workshops with Thak Ironworks


Spoon Carving (Introduction to Green Woodworking)

Learn the basics of green woodworking by creating your own spoon. We will learn the basics of sourcing and selecting wood, tools and sharpening techniques and basic cutting techniques to develop your own spoon making practice. All tools and refreshments provided.

Winter Venue: Poppa's Workshop, Mount Wolfe Farm

Summer Venue: The Witches' Forest, Mount Wolfe Farm

Cost per person $60
Workshop Dates 2021-22

All workshops 10am-3pm. Lunch & Refreshments Provided

Saturday 27th November 2021

More TBC

Attendance required for the MWF Spoon Carving Club


On this one-day workshop you will learn the basics of hedgerow management and learn how to lay a hedge in the Midland (Bullock) style. Using hand tools- axe, billhook and bow-saw, you will learn to pleach a hedgerow shrub, build the hedge and strengthen it with stakes and binding.

We will be working on a hedgerow on the Gore Road in Caledon composed almost of entirely of buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica), which although an introduced species in Ontario, is often the only hedgerow-forming shrub locally. It is also very similar to the hawthorn (Crataegus species) which comprises the bulk of many 'traditionally managed' hedgerows in Europe.

Cost per person 
Workshop Dates 2022:

April-May dates TBC
All workshops 9:30am-4pm. 


Tool Sharpening Workshop

We will provide basic conceptual information and demonstration of several methods as well as an opportunity to try out sharpening and grinding operations with the ability to obtain  advice and assitance while doing so. Participants are welcome to bring items they would like to try sharpening. A knife or axe would make a good starting project.


Some references for further information will be provided.


Your instructor will be Garrick Filewod, a local craftsman with years of experience.

Cost per person $50
Workshop Dates 2022

Lunch & Refreshments Provided